Start Xxxx cam web free

Xxxx cam web free

I had a think about releasing the code and data I've collected and decided I'm not going to.

I found quite a few open cameras, most boring but a couple of fun ones.

A couple of months went by and unfortunately I didn't get time to write up all the work I'd done, I was then asked to speak at OWASP Leeds and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to release the info.

This turned out to be fairly easy and had the big advantage of having someone else worry about threading, networking and all the other underlying things that I didn't really care about.

I set the script to make the HTTP request to the domain then parse the result.

This is a neat idea because the cameras use a default port of 81 rather than the normal 80 and so users would have to know to add :81 to their URL which would go against the ease of use they are aiming for. If I want to see if a camera with code xxxxxx is registered I simply browse to xxxxxx.and see where I get redirected to.

If the UPn P request to that users router worked then I'll end up on the web interface for their camera.

If you don't use it then remove it, if you do then consider adding extra protection, maybe add some obscurity and move it to a high random port.

My camera allows disabling of both the DDNS and UPn P features so I'd recommend doing that as well.

When my daughter was born I decided to get an IP camera to put over her cot so I could keep an eye on her at night. Looking through the info that comes with it I spotted this line: The software supplied manages the set-up process for you.

Includes support for dynamic IP address and DDNS and with wireless connectivity you don't have to worry about running cables around your home or office.

This doesn't always help if the developers have left undocumented backdoor accounts open but at least do as much as you can.