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Vba conditional formatting not updating

I set calculation mode to automatic but when I enter "=Now()" inside a cell I do not see the time updating even when formatting is changed to show seconds. Changing a formatting is not an event that needs a recalculation, so that is not enough; but for example typing anything in any cell You are saying there was never a way to have Excel recalculate automatically on cells' changed values without user intervention? I did have it in Excel 2013 and it worked perfectly well.

this has translated over to excel 2010 but only partially works.

For example, when i change the cell contents triggering the rule true/false it does not refresh the relevant cells' formatting.

If it is a problem in the sheet itself then that will explain why I could not reproduce the issue outside your file.

It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release.

And yes, it did use up lots of resources but it did exist. Same with RTD server functionality, Microsoft had to post several fixes for that alone.

Then why did my RTD server push data on a timer callback before but now nothing updates?

And by the way I never even hinted at wanting to update upon changing a formatting.

I need updating on changing valuesthe post says: "..when formatting is changed to show seconds...".

hopefully this all makes sense and someone can help?

During the testing I became aware that in addition to the OPs observation that Page Down and Up would redraw the screen correctly, so does the use of Undo/Redo to change the value of the cells, eg enter X in cell gives incorrect presentation as described above, use Undo to remove the entry, incorrect formats removed, use Redo to put the X back and the screen draws without error. Screen Updating = True End If End Sub And that's in addition to the obligaritory "what did you do with my menu bar" question - someone who's been using Excel in anger for 15 years shouldn't have to spend 20 mins working out how to change the page margins in your latest release ...

How can I update the formula of conditional formatting among many cells.

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