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Vanessa and zac efron dating

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I'm not too big on EDM; I love some of it, dislike most of it, but this movie actually painted the genre/scene in an interesting light.

They add a human element to the otherwise processed and compressed music, and it's pretty captivating. Where the movie fails can be attributed to its title.

The story I'm referring to involves Wes Bentley's character James who is a washed up DJ that kind of fell from grace and is now living off royalty checks and he ends up being the person who teaches Cole (Efron) how to make electronic music effective. In fact, the whole trifecta of Efron, Bentley, and Emily Ratajkowski is what made the movie watchable.

Bentley being the mentor character who is fighting a lot of inner demons, Efron being the ambitious musician who is hungry for his big break, and Ratajkowski showing off her acting talent as the assistant/girlfriend to Bentley's character who ends up falling for Efron.

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Things get complicated, however, when Cole starts falling for James' much younger girlfriend, Sophie.