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Shinhwa dating scandal

Surprisingly, he decided to go into ballad even though he is known for his strong dance skills.

The article above about Won Bin and Lee Nayoung confirmed to be dating is related to what I’ll be saying or whining about. Mahn, this is why I hate hanging around TW sometimes.

Fans are just simply overreacting, creating ridiculous assumptions about this and that and creating panic to everyone.

In March 2012, Jun Jin reunited with his Shinhwa band mates for their comeback after four years, under the management of 'Shinhwa Company'.

It is a joint venture agency for members to perform as a group, of which Eric and Lee Min-woo are co-CEOs and the remaining members are shareholders.

He later released a mini album, titled Fascination.

The title-track "Hey Ya" featuring Son Dam-bi and Big Tone did fairly well on the charts but a track on the mini album titled "Like A Fool" featuring his "wife" Lee Si-young managed to fare better on the charts. Jun Jin enlisted for mandatory military service on 22 October 2009 as a public service worker after undering four weeks of basic training Nonsan military camp in Chungcheongnam-do Province.

Although he wasn't able to see her frequently, the two did promise to keep in touch.

Backed by his high school friend, An Chil-hyun, Jun Jin was able to make it through the audition as a member for Shinhwa.

Titled New Decade, the first single from the album was "Wa".

The single encountered controversy when the music video was given a 19 rating due to sexual content, in effect banning the video from major networks.

His father's third wife proved to be a loving mother as she took care of Jun Jin and his younger sister like her own children.