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That’s far more access than most of the school leaders I interview grant reporters.

In the decade since No Child Left Behind prompted changes in federal law that ultimately made it easier to create all-boys and all-girls schools, the number of single-sex public schools has exploded, many of them aimed at boys and girls of color.

That fundraising effort is likely getting easier as the school gains more attention.

Several people interviewed for this story said they were initially skeptical of the school’s efforts, but have come to hold a favorable view of CGLA under Swafford’s leadership. Teachers are expected to believe that every child is capable of success and then help them achieve it by doing whatever it takes, regardless of any obstacles.

Most school leaders are reluctant to talk about data. After a brief conversation in her office on the morning of my visit, she takes me to a room just off the main office whose walls are plastered with charts and graphs tracking how CGLA’s 350 girls are performing on state tests and benchmarks. At the lower grades, the “below basic” columns are stacked.

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