Start Jill scott dating a usan

Jill scott dating a usan

Relevant excerpts from biographies and interviews are included for many of the individuals on the pages linked to from the list above.

- Venus Williams and Serena Williams - world chamption/Olympic gold medalist tennis players - Lou Whitaker - professional baseball player (Detroit Tigers) - Chet Lemon - professional baseball player (Detroit Tigers) - Shont'e Peoples - professional football player (Saskatchewan Roughriders); convert to JWs - Kid Gavilan - welterweight champion boxer; elected to boxing Hall of Fame in 1990 (convert to JWs) - Dave Pear - NFL professional football player for Colts, Buccaneers, and Raiders (convert) - Mark Mc Cumber - professional golfer - Dave Meyers - professional basketball player (Los Angeles Lakers in 1970s) - Danny Granger - professional basketball player (Indiana Pacers) - Travis Scott - NFL football player for Rams (raised JW) - Willie Wise - NBA professional basketball player for Seattle Super Sonics and Denver Nuggets - Prince - pop singer (convert to JWs) - Selena - Tejano singer (Selena Quintanilla) - Hank Marvin - famous guitarist with the Shadows (convert to JWs) - George Benson - singer, guitarist - Larry Graham - singer; member of Sly And The Family Stone between 19, founder of Graham Central Station - David Thomas - songwriter/vocalist for Pere Ubu (convert to JWs) - Herman Pizzanelli - leading Uruguayan concert guitarist in the 1960s (convert to JWs) - Dave Hill - musician, Lead Guitarist and back vocals for Slade (convert) - Rebbie Jackson - singer - Michael Jackson - singer, pop superstar (lapsed) - Janet Jackson - singer (lapsed) - Katherine Jackson - matriarch of the Jacksons musical dynasty and the mother of pop music legends The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson - La Toya Jackson - singer (lapsed) - Jackson Five - musical group (lapsed) - Ja Rule - rap singer, film actor (raised) - Patti Smith - punk rock star - Geri Halliwell - singer (Spice Girls) - Jill Scott - R&B/neo-soul singer-poet - Roy Harper - songwriter, musician (raised) - La Lupe - Cuban salsa singer (convert) , etc.

- Teresa Graves - actress, star of TV movie and TV series "Get Christie Love!

It simply isn't true, for example, that this faith necessarily stifles creativity or achievement.