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Intimidating t shirts

So much for entertainment- and, later, as Larry trudges home through the fog-enshrouded moors, he hears a scream- and rushes to help, finding poor Jenny being attacked by -a wolf!

Higgins was portrayed as an army veteran who served in the British Army.

The actor was actually born in Texas and is a veteran from the U. We wonder if Tom Selleck ever received a thank you note from Harrison Ford, after all the latter does own him a lot. Selleck did have a chance to experience a little bit of ‘Indian Jones’ in the episode ‘Legend of the Lost Art’ that was aired in season eight.

Following up our showing of the classic “Frankenstein” last week, we have another original first appearance of one of the most iconic monsters in the Universal horror gallery- the tragic tale of young Larry Talbot- whose return to his ancestral home to heal old family rifts results in his being victim of a supernatural curse- that leaves him doomed forever to spend each full moon as- the “Wolf Man”!

The 72-year-old has a long term relationship with his furry feature, in fact it has been his signature look for almost as long as his entire career. lead star’s success didn’t come so easily for the young actor and he couldn’t be categorized as an overnight sensation.

We guess it was worth the wait, because his role as Thomas Magnum sure did earn him the fame that he deserved.

It’s not easy to pull off an accent, especially a British one.

When the authorities go to the scene of the crime, they don’t find the body of a dead wolf- but the corpse of a man with his head bashed in- along with the weapon used- a silver wolf’s head cane!