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Dubai sex chats

As i have been aware of the natural tendency about sex in men and women, i can kind of guess that she might be having very less sex with her hubby. Being horny in the age, i used to masturbate imagining me with her doing it in different situations.

I sucked her lower lip between my lips and she took my upper lip between hers.

It was a real good kiss and i guess we were kissing for more than ten minutes.

I asked her ” aunty, as i feel close to you, i am saying this to you. Then i said in very low shivering voice ” can i hug you? It was a surprise to me and i was immediately flyng in ecstacy.

” It doesnt happen as people mention in some fantasies as immediately she says ” Yes darling.on i am waiting for you” and we will have “it” right there. I hugged her and tightened my arms around her back, that made her boobs push on to my chest. She was emanating some sweaty smell as she was usually working on her household chores from the morning.

I started visiting porn sites from my first year into engineering. This also happened during my engineering and it was with a lady staying opposite to our house. She is the second wife of a transport office executive and he must be around 40 yrs. She is slightly less than what we usually say “slim”. They have a daughter from the first wife and a son from this lady.

It was exciting to me when i started, and i have been with the same rage and urge since 10 years. I didnt know her age exactly but she must be around 28 or 29 years then. So the daughter herself is around 16 yrs and was studying her tenth standard.

I used to stay with friends in the rented house and we used to steal glances at them when they are washing the clothes, or moving around in their houses.