Start Debian updating kernel

Debian updating kernel

Unfortunately, the Liquorix kernel headers are built against version 5 of GCC and Bunsen Labs uses version 4 so any required kernel modules (such as Broadcom drivers) could not be built if that kernel version is used.

Since I am applying the rt patch to the amd64 kernel, I'll use the configuration supplied: You can navigate the menus and make changes following the instructions on the top of the screen.

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The purpose of this post is to concisely list the steps needed to install a newer kernel version in Debian Jessie, and also to compile your own custom kernel.

The default is the newer 4.1 kernel, the advanced options allow you to choose between the 4.1 and 3.16 kernels and recovery modes. Compiling a custom 4.1 kernel from the Debian backports sources If you need to customize the 4.1 kernel, the kernel sources are available from Debain backports to allow you to compile your own.