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Still, anyone following @Scoop Jardine and @Micki Jae (her full name is Jasmine Mickael Jordan) on Twitter can see judge the evidence for themselves.

Later that evening, she said they were talking on Skype video chat, during which Jardine asked his followers: "Please twitter answer this for me..

What song is better Michael Jackson u r not alone, or Brian Mc Knight back at 1?

However, Jordan admits she initially "hated" the college, in part because of a article about her: "When I first got here I honestly hated it," she told The Boss Up.

"About a month or so before I officially moved in, there was an article written about me coming to Syracuse and next thing I know the world knew where I was going.

However, Jasmine Mickael Jordan tells The Boss Up she's happy and proud to be MJ's daughter, and looking forward to creating her own legacy.

"It's hard knowing that your family is always living under a microscope," she told the blog.

In case you're wondering, Scoop is 6-foot-2, which means the two would be the same height if she wore a pair of heels.

On Sunday, Jordan posted a photo of her cell phone's background image, which includes a picture of the two sitting close to each other with big smiles on their faces.

The NBA legend's youngest child started at SU in the fall of 2011, where she's majoring in sports management.

"Syracuse has the best program in my eyes," the 20-year-old Jordan told Chicago-based blog The Boss Up in an article published Tuesday.

"If you throw me into a cage of lions, I will teach the lions to dance." Jordan's siblings Jeffrey and Marcus, who played basketball together at the University of Central Florida, have also had to cope with their father's fame.