Start Christian dating sexuality

Christian dating sexuality

If that were the case, then Jesus himself was lacking, since he never attained a married level of sexuality.

Regardless, in God’s world, godly unmarried sexuality is good! Godly sexuality is not only possible, but in God’s design.

Godly unmarried sexuality is not “Plan B.” It is not an elementary level of sexuality that is graduated from into advanced married sexuality.

Godly sexuality is something that is pleasing to God, acknowledging the value of God as the giver of sex, while keeping Christ central.

While there is much overlap between married and unmarried sexuality, singles’ sexuality has unique features.

In another excellent article, “God Gives the Best Sex,” Dan Wilson explains that God’s grace for the unmarried is the key to true joy as well as living out a godly sexuality. Author Lauren Winner explains in that, “…chastity is the free choice to live one’s sexual life in accord with Christian values—therefore everyone is called to live chastely” (p. For the unmarried person, this means a life of purity through abstinence.

Because the idea of sexuality is often equated with sexual activity, those of us who are unmarried often miss the rich blessings God can pour out upon us as sons and daughters as sexual beings. For the married person, it means a life of purity through faithfulness.

Let us consider godly unmarried sexuality with three questions: What is it? It is not merely about what we are doing or not doing with our genitals!

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