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Charles barkley dating

The advantage was so profound that home teams, on average, played at the level of a 55-win team.

If you'd happened to be a passenger on one of those commercial flights that NBA players used to fly, what you would have seen was booze. Just as commercial NBA flights fell out of fashion and team charters became the rule, "alcohol kind of stopped," Karl says.

You'd have seen it after games, too -- in coolers in locker rooms, provided by the home team as a "general courtesy," according to one NBA trainer. "In general, players have become very serious about their profession.

Something strange happens when NBA teams play on the road these days, a trend line that baffles statheads.

In the 1987-88 season, home teams won an astounding 67.9 percent of games, boasting an average win margin of 5.8 points, the highest on record.

The gatekeeper of America's most popular nightclub is a 33-year-old man known to NBA players simply as "Purple." And tonight he's busy. The industry's top DJ shouts on the mic announcing the player's presence while he and his friends are ushered by security to the club's top table.

A former high school dropout who rose to become the go-to guy for nightlife in Miami, on this night Purple gets a text, makes some arrangements, and now he's meeting his "friends" through a secret side door of the famous LIV nightclub, the portal to an underground network beneath the famed Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach."Ever seen the movie 'Goodfellas,' when he takes his girl underground? "They love the whole walking underground thing."Purple's friend is an NBA star, and that star emerges from the shadowy labyrinth to a packed, 18,000-square-foot nightclub and a dance floor full of beautiful people. Bottles of Hennessy cognac, Don Julio 1942 tequila and Armand de Brignac champagne, a bottle famously known as the Ace of Spades, all appear.

It is, as Purple calls it, "the VIP treatment."Welcome to the world of top-shelf partying, where the NBA player can come to revel in his hard-earned fame and fortune.

It's everything you think of when you imagine the star-athlete lifestyle. It's happening, these days, far less than you think.

Rihanna was spotted with a new man in Spain and some guys can’t handle the fact that she’s with a non-Black boo — who also may have caused a rift between her and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

The singer was spotted making out in a pool and sipping champagne with Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel, who was previously thought to be Spanish.

(After winning the 2011 title, Dirk Nowitzki was photographed drinking from a 6-liter bottle of Ace of Spades, which Mark Cuban purchased for a cool $90,000.)"Whenever they come to Miami," Purple says, "they already know who to hit up."Stars posing with Purple on his Instagram feed include everyone from Le Bron James to Scottie Pippen; Gucci Mane to Justin Bieber; Johnny Manziel to Odell Beckham Jr.; Khloe Kardashian to Jeremy Piven.