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It slid in so easily and felt so good I nearly cummed immediately. If it was an actual cock I most likely would have hesitated before taking something so big in my bum.

Then slowly but surely I inserted all but and inch or two in her ass.

With her arms tightly wrapped around him Rita slowly bounced on Walter's cock like a pogo stick.

Then more rapidly like a piston engine going from idle to full throttle. With his hands firmly gripping Rita's ass, Walter helped with her up & down fucking motion. Had to be all of 9 to 10 inches long and 2 inches or more in diameter with a huge faux cockhead.

Then Rita asked what would be on the schedule as far as sex.

Simply put, Rita was on a sexual rampage and it seemed she wasn't about to let up.

Once she was comfortable with its massive size I began to steadily butt-fuck her.

Wasn't long before Rita was humping backwards to meet each forward thrust of the "soap on a rope". I'm getting ready to cum and I need you to fuck my ass faster! After a minute or two more of me pumping her ass as fast as I comfortably could Rita orgasmed. The only thing missing was a hot cumload being deposited deep in my ass.

I did the same with Bill to see what kind of reaction I would get. "You two ladies seem to be off to a running start again first thing this morning."... She then stood up, removed her robe, straddled him face first and then ever so slowly lowered her pussy straight down on his erection.