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Anonymous sex chatroom tvts

We had our evening meal, and I confirmed that my wife would be away from seven until at the earliest eleven o’clock. I joined a chat room, and tried to find someone with tastes similar to my own. After fifteen minutes or so, I gave up in the chat room, and connected to a newsgroup – a spanking group with pictures. As the story progressed, Farley started squeezing his crotch area, obviously getting an erection. I think at her age she could help a little by keeping her room tidy, or even putting the dishes in the dishwasher on occasion.” “But no – nothing at all. Nothing seems to work, so I think that a short sharp shock of pain, and also humiliation, might help to get her started to a more co-operative and helpful attitude.” “Mmm, yes,” I said, “I understand that it must be frustrating for you. And before you ask – yes, on her bare bottom, please. “She says she will not undress in front of men under any conditions, but I have told her she must do as you say.” “Where’s the cane then Sally? She went over to a bureau under the window, and brought out a thin bamboo cane, about three foot long.

He had had ideas about displaying his erect penis in front of the girl as she received her punishment, but that plan had to be abandoned now. Kelly was sitting on the bed, her hands clasped in her lap, her eyes downcast looking at the floor. A crisp white shirt, with long sleeves, was accompanied by a short brown skirt. On her feet she had white knee length socks, but she had slipped off her shoes which were lying alongside her. “You know about the punishment I have arranged for you. I have told them both that it’s on your bare bottie that you are to receive punishment – so don’t make it worse for yourself by resisting. Gentlemen – she is all yours – get on with your task.” Sally turned and left the room, closing the door tightly behind her. “‘s not right for a girl my age to be caned, so there! ” “Kelly – give it a few moments thought while Mr Grainger and I prepare the place. “The back of the chair will be on my side, so that I am caning her from behind the chair, as it were.” I lowered my voice. We gazed in lustful admiration of her long brown limbs, and the brown shapelessness of her regulation brown cotton school knickers that were revealed to our eager eyes.

I will leave you with these two gentlemen, who I have asked to give you a caning for your constant unreliability and general disobedience.” “Aw, mum…” Kelly began. “You just do as they tell you – they have my full permission to treat you as they see fit to discourage you from being difficult in the future.” “Not going to take it on bare bum! We were left with Kelly looking at us defiantly from her bed, on which she had been sitting when we came in. ” “Kelly, ” I remonstrated, “don’t make it worse for yourself. You are to be caned on the bare bottom, and we are here to do as she asks.” “Would you prefer we forcibly took off your skirt and panties? “It must be better for you to do it yourself surely. Much better you do as your mother says, and take off your own panties and skirt. “That way, she will have less chance of seeing erect penises,” I muttered. Together we moved the large easy chair into the position we wanted, and I turned again to Kelly. “Do we have to hold you down, or are you going to co-operate? I saw Farley’s hand in his right trousers pocket catching hold of his erection.

” She smiled, and both of us agreed with her that on no account would Kelly be embarrassed by having to view our erections, no matter how inflamed we were by the viewing of her naked genital and anal region.

“But I do agree with you,” I added, “it is likely that we shall experience some activity in our own genital area – guess if we are honest that it would be impossible to avoid altogether in the circumstances.” “I’m glad we cleared that up,” Sally smiled.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs.” Farley and I exchanged glances as we turned to follow Sally to Kelly’s room. Slowly she undid the fasteners on the side of her skirt I glanced at Farley, who was watching the girl intently.

Farley told me afterwards that Sally’s strictures on penis display had disappointed him a little, but the overall prospect opening before us was nevertheless extremely welcome. “We will have Kelly lie across the two arms, and I shall cane her from her right side,” I said. Although nobody else would have noticed, I could see that Farley’s penis was in a partially erect state. The top of her skirt loosened, and Kelly pushed it down her legs.

Although turning away from us to preserve some modesty while removing her knickers, Kelly was probably too preoccupied with her ordeal to realise what she was revealing by doing this.

She turned to face us again, her hands placed so as to cover her vaginal possessions.

“I’ll cancel tonight, and I’ll be with you just before eight OK? ” I ended the conversation, and put down the phone. It was difficult to concentrate with the prospect of the evening’s activities constantly intruding into my thoughts as I struggled to complete a software project that was already two weeks over time.

Again and again Kelly’s beautiful face swam into my mind, and I tried to imagine how she would look with her skirt hoisted over her hips. ” In answer, I too opened my fly, and brought out my erect penis to let my friend see that he was not alone with his predicament. ” We left my home to walk along the road to Sally’s house, and reached it in three or four minutes. “In what way exactly do you want us to deal with your problem.” Sally sat down.

You two, on the other hand, are experienced men of the world.